Musicals by Mika


maxa, the maddest woman in the world

Book & Lyrics by Mika Kauffman

music by Thomas Jacobsen

"MAXA, The Maddest Woman in the World" is an epic post-classic electronic horror musical capturing the life-story of Paula Maxa, a famed French Theatre actress who died over 10,000 times on the stage of the Grand Guignol. She used horror as a means of coming to terms with her own fears, claiming her autonomy and empowering women. 



Book & Lyrics by Mika Kauffman

music by Thomas Jacobsen

WARNING: This comedy horror musical contains strong language, adult themes, ghostly copulation, Kathy Lee Gifford, loose limbs, body fluids and a participatory drinking game (not mutually exclusive... wink). 

Paranormative is a comedy musical about the horrors of adulthood. The story follows a luckless, loveable (spineless) twenty-something, Paulie, who joins "The Ghost Mastuhz," a paranormal investigation Youtube show…



Book & Lyrics by Mika Kauffman & Gregory F. Jackson

music by andrew drannon

Naught is an electronic musical adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's short story “2 B R Ø 2 B.”

In the year 2043, Dr. Cole Obsidian developed “The Infinity Program,” offering one thousand lucky citizens of the United States the opportunity of an “endless lifetime.” These newly immortal beings pledged themselves to a new world governed by science. War, famine, and poverty…


the jersey shore opera

libretto by mika kauffman

music by tj rubin

Our story begins in a dystopian swamp; democracy has failed and Supreme President Trump reigns.  Had the reality T.V. show “The Jersey Shore” not existed, Trump would have never had a platform to become President. Malia Obama volunteers to go back in time and join the cast of the Jersey Shore on a mission to end what could be an apocalyptic future of bigly proportions.

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Book by maybe burke

Lyrics by maybe burke & Mika Kauffman

music by mika kauffman

Spectacle is a loose adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Anderson. A trans self-love story, this musical navigates the desire to be who we’re meant to be, whether we’re a spectacle or not.